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The Lounge Suit Dress Code: A Complete Guide

A perfect understanding of lounge suit

There is nothing bad like ruining a party by wearing a dress without the party dress code, but the worst part is when you realize that you were unable to understand the meaning of that dress code, which has led you to become a culprit. So here is our endeavor to explain one of the lavish dress code “lounge suit”.  It can be worn by men and women both, but here we are explaining the same for men only.

Lounge suit is just an expression only mentioned in most invitations as dress code. It is a widely admired dress code because of its high value addition in both day and night time business events, social events like funerals, receptions, lunches, dinners, wedding, christenings etc.

Mostly this is a three piece suit which consists of a single or double breasted waistcoat (need to be worn over a shirt and tie) singles breasted jacket (need to be worn over waistcoat) and a trouser. Bottom button is always left undone while wearing single breasted waistcoat. A belt must not be worn with a double- breasted suit or waistcoat. There are also two piece suit which consists of trouser and single or double breasted jacket (without waistcoat).

A turn-down collared shirt must be worn with a perfectly matching tie and the notable point is the topmost button of the shirt need to be done up. Some sophisticated tie knots are half Windsor and four-in-hand. And remember to avoid the large Windsor tie knots. Though, mostly, all the business parties have a dress code of lounge suit, you need to be stay polished and maintained always and perfect understanding of the dress code is a must.