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Acid wash jeans are back in fashion

Acid wash jeans is also known as a stone wash jeans and it was commonly used in eighties fashion, yet lived shortly. It is also known as the frosted, marble or ice washes a form of bleaching jeans chemically. The action will break the jeans fiber and forced the dye to fade as well as bleach. Stones having pores were soaked in the chlorine bleach which will tumble in humongous washers with the acid wash jeans. The repetitive action of chlorine soaked stones against acid wash jeans will unevenly bleach the jeans and also create mottled effect.

Widely despised on those days, not even a single person can be seen wearing acid wash jeans. But, nowadays, celebrities love to wear acid wash jeans and it is now becoming as a part of fashion. Beware when you find the acid wash jeans such jeans probably zipped up to your waist.

Thus, make sure that you must wear a studded or a neon belt with the acid wash jeans along with a matching, oversized shirt that is pulled out or tucked in. And if you like to wear acid wash jeans for eighties fancy dress then wear the jeans with a black bad rock t-shirt of eighties.

The effect on the acid wash jeans will draw attention of people thus keep your outfit to a minimal. Also pair your acid wash jeans with some basic and solid color top, tee and sweaters. Along with you can also add a leather jacket that is cropped and then you will be good to go.