Poll: Should Anne Hathaway Keep Her Pixie Haircut? (It Sure Sounds
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Anne Hathaway’s Haircut Become a Mark of Style

There is variety of haircut that we can see around us. But when it is related with any famous person we feel to follow it. If it is related with tinsel town then it is a tendency to follow it. Men have followed the hero’s mannerisms, his style of walking, talking etc. Similarly women are eager to follow the heroine of the tinsel town. Anne Hathaway is a renowned film star and now she become more popular for her haircut. People recollect her for her haircut and when they do their haircut they mention about anne hathaway haircut and demand the same haircut for themselves.

Best hair style

There are many actresses who are dedicated to their film career but not like Anne Hathaway because she has not hesitated to chop of her long hair for the sake of her role in the film. Other heroines are moved by this anne hathaway haircut and they also follow the same. Even the common women are following the same. Every woman loves their hair and if it is long hair then no one would like to cut it but she does not hesitate even for a moment to follow it. She used to wear long hair style which suits in her figure.

Requirement to have this cut

You are required jagged cut to achieve a textured feel to the edges. In this type of hair cut  the top is parted on the side and smoothed down to make the face soften for giving a fabulous look and to feel gorgeous. This is perfect for those who want to get such haircut on regular basis. What you need is casual type of hair. Your hair must be straight and short. It is suitable for the women only. It goes nicely with oval or oblong or diamond shape face. Your hair density may be thin or medium. It goes best if the lady is of 20 years old or specifically 20 to 30 years old. Sometimes it gives a best look at the age of 41 to 50. It depends upon the structure of the body or face.