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Artist John McNaughton has created giant wooden shoe sculptures as part of a project in the lobby of the Shoe Carnival headquarters, located in Indiana.

“Art shoes” which has a huge variety of designs

A shoe is an item, which can protect feet while doing any activity. Its design is changed from culture to culture. Every man has their own size for wear. It’s fashion elements have changed very soon. It can be a high heel or flat ones. Contemporary foot wears can be in many style, complexity, and cost. Basic shoes consist of a thin sole and simple strap. High fashion shoes may be made of high quality.

Traditionally, shoes can be made of leather, wood as well as canvas. It can be made from rubber, plastics, and other petrochemical-derived materials. The art shoes are a presentation of art. It is often used as a decorative piece. It creates an amazing art of gallery. It is basically used to present an era and theme. There is a huge variety of art shoe is available in the market. It can be in many shapes such as the face, art and craft, butterflies, geometrical shapes etc.

Here we are presenting some types of art shoes:

  • Art shoes for men- there is a huge variety of art shoes is available for men. It can be in leather with foxy prints such as geometry, cars and digital prints as a man choice.
  • Art shoe for ladies- As ladies are the fashion icon, they have owned style according to the fashion. There is a huge variety of ladies footwear available in the market. Art shoes are the best option for them. It can be in many shapes like their test.
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