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9 super Style tips

Being Stylish and forever Over 50

Being old or getting aged does not, in any case, takes the right of looking gorgeous away from you. You have all the very right to style yourself the way you want and the manner you want to look to the society around you. You hair, as is the other things, plays a vital role in the way you look and you need to get it correct. Now, it is not very easy to maintain a very good hair with the growing age, as most of the style does not withstand the level of hairdos that you used to wear when being young. It is therefore; you will need to decide what to follow in order to look equally gorgeous, irrespective of your age.

The basic factor to consider while choosing your hairstyle at the later stages of life, typically over 50 hairstyles is noticing the skin color. It is more of a thumb rule to comprehend the hairstyle that goes well in tone of your skin color. Along with the skin tone, the thickness as well as the very thickness of your hair should be taken into account as well. Lastly, the facial shape and the bones of your face should be taken into account. As you might age a bit, the hair growth pattern starts to change in accordance to your facial structure and therefore, you need to get it all correct to look tremendously well. Here are certain types that you can look upon for over 50 hairstyles:

  1. Short Styles

Short hairstyles might help you look and even more than that, actually feel that you are still youthful. You should let your hair go wide on your shoulder from the back of your head. It is also worth to support your hair by the layered or maybe even a feathered cut. Trim it all right and short hair will do all the justice to your looks.

  1. Pixie Cut

This serves those who want less of the maintenance of the hair. The cuts are mostly between two to four inches long and the hair is just shaped up using gel or wax. It is very stylish cut, which might just go with the personality, if you have one.

  1. Graying Hair

Now, the natural graying of the hair has its own very class. You might even consider coloring it once a while, or regularly, as the case might be; the natural texture and the color of the hair might just make you look more elegant.

  1. Cropped Bob

This goes for the rebels, the crazy one, the ones who would like to dare. This style looks typically fantastic on the people having straight hair, which are thin. People having curls should not really wear this style as too much volume on the top would make it look like a mushroom.