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David Beckham Undercut

Bend it Like David Beckham hairstyle as the saying goes

A name we are all familiar with, even those of us who do not watch football. A retired Manchester United legend, David Beckham, as they say, is the reason why girls started watching football. David Beckham is best known for his free – kicks and long – range goals. The other thing that was the topic of discussion throughout his career was his ever – changing and stylish trend – setting hair styles. He sported long, normal and buzz with equal ease and perfection. His chiseled face and strong masculine jawline makes it easy for him to rock almost hair style effortlessly and with utmost effect. We have here some of his most famous hair styles for you to look at and pick the one that goes well with your face cut and hair type.

First things first, we have to admire how effortlessly he carried that buzz of his. Really, this man is a style God. Then he grew a little volume on the top, but let the sides and back be the same, and sported small ear – rings with them, which gave him an ultimate hunk look. Then, in a photo shoot, he showed off his style skills – trimmed sides and back that blend perfectly into his stubble, and longer volume, that he carelessly threw in the front, ending them in spikes. This one was undeniably sexy. There are a lot others – the tilted spikes, longer volume tightly brushed upside with a slight top tilt flick, and many more.