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55 Best Short Haircuts for mens 2018

Best and trendy short haircut for men

Trendy haircut styles vary form one season to other but a sensational look provided by short haircuts will never change. Now most of the men are having short haircuts with different styles. Such type of hairstyles make men to look handsome and clean, as well as help in defining their features. Although, most of the haircuts with short hairs fit to every man, and some of the hair styles which will look good on a guy depending on their personality and on your face.

Brush cut- this haircut fit those who have an oval as well as round shaped face.

Crew cut- it is one of the most stylish haircut as compared to some other haircuts.

Flat top haircut- it is another variation of the crew cut. However, the top hairs are of equal length as well as brushed up for appearing flat.

Whitewalls- in this haircut back and side hairs are of very short length where the top hairs are of medium or short length and will be styled as you like.

High and tight haircut- this haircut is considered for military men, where the top hairs are somewhat longer than the hairs at side and back.

Lvy league cut- in this style hair is styled as Harvard clip and is one of the crew cut’s variations.

Fade haircut- it is one of the shortest haircut. The top hair is short but quite longer than from side and back.

Pompadour- this is an oldest haircut where hair on the side has been cut in medium length and quite longer on the top.