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“Boot shoes” a type of shoes coming from centuries ago

This is a type of footwear, which is coming from centuries ago. Especially it is a type of shoes. It is mainly cover the foot and ankle. But sometimes it can be extended up to the leg, as far the knee. Generally, the boots have heels from rest of the sole. Traditionally, the boot shoes are often made of either leather or rubber. But in this modern time, it can be made from many other materials also.

The boots are worn for either functionality or for style and fashion. It can be protected the foot and legs from extreme cold and heat. Sometimes it is used to protect legs from chemicals in the factory or working area. In some cases, t is compulsory by laws and regulations to wear the boot in working area such as jurisdictions requiring for a worker on construction area to wear steel-toed safety boots. Some faculties use boots as regular uniform. It is compulsory to wear boot as regulated for them. Motorcycle riders recommended wearing boot as a compulsion. But high-top athletic shoes are not coming in this category, just because the absence of heels.

We are presenting here a list of boot:

  • The Moto boot: This is a type of boot for casual wear. But it looks stylish still. You can run in a short amount of time by wearing this boot.
  • The dressy boot: This type of boot is just opposite to Moto boot. You can wear these types of the boot when you don’t want to walk for a while.