75 Super Hot Black Braided Hairstyles To Wear | Braided Up | Braids
75 Super Hot Black Braided Hairstyles To Wear | Braided Up | Braids, Hair styles, Hair

Braiding hairstyles a simple way to get a sexy look

Braided a very popular hairstyles in men and women both. You remember the years when you were young and your mom use to put braids and you don’t like them at that time period, but today’s braids are considered as trendy hairstyles due to a huge variety of styles available in it. Braids are little more time consuming in comparison to other simpler hairstyles but it is best suited for any type of occasion .Braiding hairstyles are for both men and women of any age , even kids can have it. There are various hairstyles in our history, which actually originated from the braids which can be for a formal or a casual occasion.

You can add various accessories with braiding hairstyles like ribbon , pins or rubber bands to get a fantastic look of your braid. Girls are always conscious how they look and that is the reason they want their hairstyles to be perfect. If you choose braids hairstyle once in a week on a regular routine, it will give you a clean and sexy look.

Braids are easy and fun to do if you are in the practice of doing it often. You need patience and time to get a neat braid and usually done after the bath with damp hair. Girls are born creative minded people so you can use hair accessories well coordinated with your apparels of the day. Take some time to select the best braid hairstyle depending on the length and texture of your hair.

Types of braiding hairstyles:

  • Two strand twist hairstyle:It is a simple and sleek hairstyle which can be maintained for weeks. There is a trick you can use to keep the hairstyle away from looking messy is that try to make a smaller twist as it will stay for longer hours
  • Box Braids:It is made with the help of using hair extension and is a very popular hairstyle in African countries. It is the most long lasting braid hairstyle but requires a lot of time to make it .
  • Short hair braids:You can get a cute hairstyle if you have short hair by making braids with it. Try horizontal braid which is a very popular hairstyle for short hair .These braids are flirty and provide you a stylish look.
  • French Braid:It is best suited for medium and long hair to get an elegant look for any type of occasion.

If you want to experiment these hairstyles on your hair you can check tutorials available on the web and even can download app on your mobile to get step by step instructions about the braids formation.