2017 Do old, gradual change and Ripped Knee Men Jeans Fashion Hip
2017 Do old, gradual change and Ripped Knee Men Jeans Fashion Hip Hop Urban Men

Changing the men’s fashion with Ripped jeans for men

If you want to sport an effortlessly cool look, go for ripped jeans. Yes, you got it right. Ripped jeans for men are in town to change the perception of men’s fashion. These distressed, style statement is simply easy to create with your already existing jeans. As an when you get bored with the already existing jeans in your closet, can simply create your own style statement with the ripped jeans for men

You need to simple use a razor to rip your jeans but be careful it should not loose its aesthetic appeal. A Ripped jeans has now become an iconic fashion. If girls can sport a chic look, why not guys change their monotonous appearance and go for a cool look.

You could easily sport this look with pair of white T-shirt and black jacket or a long coat. Traditionally the point where the ripping of the jeans needs to be done is at the knee side. Although, if you are carrying tattered jeans and if confident about it, then surely you can go for ripping of the jeans at any other place. In order to sport a biker look you can wear your ripped jeans with a hoodie. The smarter you are through the top, less attention would be garnered to your ripped jeans and more comfortable would be you look. Also one should keep in mind to have minimal accessories when one has a lot many rips in their jeans.