short spiky hair for women | Sexy cropped look with spiky wisps and
short spiky hair for women | Sexy cropped look with spiky wisps and boyish appeal.

Cropped hairstyles to look sexy

Hair styles are subject to trend shift. We had old times when thick side – locks were red – hot, and men wore long hair with pride. As for women, long hair had always been an obvious stereotype, regardless of age; even today it is so. But, what’s changed today, is, that cropped and short hair styles are in fashion and turning heads all over the world, both for men and women.

For men, it is an understandable tradition, not just from recent times, but from 90’s, to sport a short and cropped hair style. In recent times, there have been numerous innovations in the field of hair styles, giving rise to a culture where the stereotypic styles are giving way to experimental new styles – both in terms of texture and colours. Out of countless cropped hair styles out there, here are some of them that are most popular and widely liked – a Mohawk, the classic military cut, faded side locks with a well set mast, wavy top with clean side locks and rear, or the classic front spikes with trimmed side and back.

The women too, have adopted the change and have shaken off typecast hair styles, fearlessly sporting cropped or coloured hair. Since women like to stay more decorative and like to experiment more than men, they have, therefore, more options for their hair as far as cropped type of hair is concerned, like – a pixie, faux hawk, side hawk, side swept short locks and bangs, classic curly pixie cut, or a simple bang.