31 Best Short Natural Hairstyles for Black Women | short natural
Going au naturel might seem scary but with these 31 best short natural hairstyles for black women, you might kick yourself for not going for the chop sooner

Cutting Right for Black: Haircuts for black women

Sometimes you have to wonder what shape should you get your hair into, in order to give the best possible and presentable look to your overall appearance. While hairstyles for women are the most continual part of the physical appearance, it is also the best way you can innovate your look. Here we are commemorating a list of top ten names for hairstyles suiting the kind of hair, which will give you one of the fewer options to follow.

  1. For thick Hair

People with thick hair are usually quoted to be lucky. Most women would want to kill for  thick head of hair. People who have thicker hair should not generally prefer keeping shorter hair as it might end up on you making you look like a wig kept over the top of your head and so, such situation should be dealt with keeping a layered cut which is effortless.

  1. For Coarse Hair

Having a coarse hair does not mean that  you cannot flaunt your gorgeous tresses. It will be easier for you to try a sleek and slender work for your hairs.

A sleek and slender cut should always be accompanied with the proper hair care if you have a coarse hair. It is advisable for you to wash your hair every few days as the coarse strands can really become very dry. It is also important for you to add a little shine every once a while to your hair, if having a slender cut.

  1. For Tight Curls

 A tight curl should always be embraced with a voluminous shoulder length curls as the center part forms the key for your shoulder length cut. Following this will make the eyes and cheekbones as your focal point, giving you a much more pleasing look.

  1. For Coarse Wavy Hair

  It is very important for this hair type to not overshadow the face and the only best way to do with this kind is to sport a medium length and layered look. It is important for you to sport the styles by face shape as the wavy hair is supposed to get bigger and wider.

  1. For Curly Hair

For curly hairs, it is precisely important for you to drag out the curls and use the weight to make your hair flatter, which helps prevent the dreaded ball like formation. You should aim for the narrowing the silhouette like the most hairstyles in the western world, to make the shape appear skinnier.

  1. For Straight Coarse Hair

   For straight and coarse hair, a blunt cut will always result in turning into a triangular style, which has too much hair at the bottom. This extra weight at the bottom causes your hair to fall flat and heavy.