Vera Bradley Perfect Companion Travel Bag, Black, One
Vera Bradley Perfect Companion Travel Bag, Black, One Size

Duffle Bags- Your Perfect Traveling Companion

There are two kinds of travelers- Light travelers who travel with minimal luggage and heavy travelers who like to carry a substantial amount of luggage- perhaps a change of clothes or two, many pairs of shoes, favorite books or something else. For such people, a duffle bag is the perfect traveling companion since it is spacious.

Let us know more about duffle bags. A duffle bag is a large cylindrical bag made of cloth, leather or some other fabric with a drawstring closure at the top. They were named after Duffel, a town in Belgium, where the first duffle bags were made of thick canvas.

There are three main kinds of duffle bags- the rounded or barrel duffle which can have top closure or side zipper closure, the squared duffle which is square or box like in shape and the wheeled duffle which has built in wheels on the underside of the bag for portability. Check the latest style of bags available in the market or you can also buy from online stores.

Although duffle bags are popular in general, they are particularly favored by athletes, students and military personnel. This is because having a duffle bag as luggage means you can pack a lot of stuff in it. They are strong, easy to pack, economical and great for carrying sports or other equipment.They are available in a variety of sizes, colors and materials online or in luggage stores.If you put in some time and effort you can invest in one which suits your requirements the best.