70 Cute and Easy-To-Style Short Layered Hairstyles
Long Blonde Pixie With Highlights

Easy to maintain short hairstyles for women

Short haircut styles are quite stylish and great and also to maintain easily. Short hair styles are easy can be worn officially and casually and if anyone wants to have short hair, then some of the styles that one must go for are

Chin length- in this haircut the style is characterized by the hair which will not go beyond the chin. And for ideal result it is considered that one should wear the hair in soft and easy waves. This hair style can be worn in both professional as well as casual environment. For providing a great look to your hairs rollers or curling irons can also be used.

Bob cut- this is available in different ways that is in blunt or the layered cut, you can also wear this haircut with or without the bangs. And if dramatic look is required then the hairs can be blown out so that it looks super straight, also for a complete look a high gloss polisher can be applied.

Asymmetrical- it is dramatic haircut and one should only go with this when you are confident and do not mind weird stares. This haircut provides edgier and a high fashion looks.

Pixie- it is a minimal maintenance haircut. For providing a shape you can use hair product and for long time maintenance, trim is required after five or six weeks.

Sexy soccer mom- this haircut is longer from front and shorter from back and for adding great look one can also use hair spray and gels.