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Spending 30 or 45 minutes every morning on your hair to look elegant and beautiful is

Elegant hairstyles in your style and look

Elegance is one virtue every woman wants her look to reflect. It shows that you are a mature, understanding, intellectual and a person of good heart. It is one of the most important factor that get men to notice you; if there is an aura of elegance about you, you automatically carry beauty, intellect and a certain amount of sex appeal along, because elegance is not something you can buy at the super market and wear for the party that evening, you have to achieve the look by perfect dressing, make – up and last but most certainly not the least – a well – managed hair style that sums up the look you want to carry, like a crown jewel.

There are a lot of ways in which you can design your perfect elegant hair style. Let us have a look at few of them:

To begin with, there is the side braid, which is just a slight variation in the traditional French braid. Or, there is always the classic smoothed bob with an overlapping fringe. Another one on the list is the basic soft curls towards the middle on long hair, preferably dyed. Or, you can try the deep parted dame, one of the most feminine styles in the book, which essentially gives you the most elegant look in the room. The next one is a totally twisted style that simply shouts elegance. Few others are – the serenely side swept look, a pinned curl, or there is always the good old sleek and sophisticated slightly curled – in long hair.