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Flapper dress-best suited for wedding purpose

Flapper Dress is a modern dress which has been taken from the inspiration of old dress of 1920’s. This is 1920’s dress that was used as bridesmaid dress. This was used as wedding dress also. These are vintage inspirational dress. Today people show their live for old fashion in attire. Actually style has no limitation. This style gives a feeling of nostalgia. This old time frock can update your wardrobe with the dapperest of dresses. It gives a different persona and creates an outlet for the inner flapper, with modern style or ravishing pinup. You can obtain simple prints on these dresses. The polka dots are perfect for pinup. You can get stripe in these dresses. When you are selecting the colors you should select the bright color for your dress. Your daydream will be fulfilled when you wear this dress.

Style of flapper dress

Flapper Dress was the silhouette in the year 1920’s and now the same dress has become popular again. In modern days if you really that authentic flapper look you can adopt its style. The dress is knee high and dropped waist, sleeveless or V-Shaped front and back. It has skin tight bottom but torso remains covered.  You have to roll down your stockings below the knees. This gives a true flapper look. With this dress you can use long and skinny feather bow to wrap around you. You can use accessories with this dress so that it can give a perfect flapper looks.  You have to wear several beaded strings of pearls. If you do not want to wear pearls then you just simply wear string of beads. In this way you can get real look of flapper.