20 Fab and Cool Flat-Top Haircuts
high and tight haircut

Flat top Haircut-changes your hair upright

The short haircut is called Flattop Haircut. In this style your hair on the top of the head normally stands upright and gives a flat appearing deck. This deck can be level or downward sloping or can be upward. Normally the hair dresser uses electric clippers either freehand or they use it by over comb system. When you see flattop from the front side, you may find difference in appearance. Men’s haircut normally does not receive much attention like women, but their style is equally intriguing and edgy. This style is largely worn by the black men. This style requires a high and box shape cut of hair. Often it is found with completely shaved sides and back. Flat-top Haircut is stylish and modern haircut of the hipster set. If you like to give a hip-hop style to your feature than or you are influenced by this hairstyle then you can try and wear this style.

Types of flat-top hairstyle

Side part flat-top haircut keeps your side part neat and filled in sides. High flat-top haircut with angled front is another style in which both precisely angled above the forehead and give a neat fade cut. This flat-top haircut demonstrates great looks to the wearer of this style. Another eminent style is black faded flat-top in which you may find that black men look best with these flat-top haircuts because it suits best to their natural texture. The high flat-top features a mid skin that fades along the sides and at the back side of the head.