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Hybrid Wool Fleece Vest

Fleece Vest-unique synthetic fabric for recreational use

Fleece fabric is not like silk or other fabric materials rather you can say it is polyester type fabric and best to use for outdoor recreational purpose. Fleece Vest is a latest type of clothing and both men and women can use it. This fabric is warm, durable and fast dying so people prefer using it just in the beginning of the winter. Fleece outfits do not require any special care. You can wash it in machine but surprisingly you won’t find any shrinkage on these fabrics. There is nothing to say about styles, colors and designs. You will get different designs; colors are available in these garments. The most stylish pullovers, hats, jackets, and gloves are used as multipurpose. These fleece garments are affordable so people never hesitate to buy three to four garments at a time. These clothes are made by crafty way unlike other warm clothes.

Types of fleece used in garments

There are four types of fleece that are used in making fleece garments.  They are light weight fleece, mid weight, heavyweight and windproof. Lightweight fleece are best used in jacket and pullover. Mid weight fleece is normally used in outer layer in cooler weather. Heavyweight fleece is used in cold dry weather. These are very warm and heavier than lighter grades of fleece. Wind Proof fleece is used in making of jackets, pullovers. These are lightweight. It has a wind proof membrane in between inner and outer layer. While making of fleece vest you have to use 200 to 300 weight fleece. These are wind proof fleece, worn as an active outer layer to protect from cold. These fleece vests are having full zip.