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Cute Pixie Haircut, Frankie Sandford Hair

Frankie Sandford Hairstyle Best For Short Hair

Your short hair can give a new identification. Frankie Sandford Hairstyle has given you what you want to have. Gone are those days when you were perturbed with your hair as you could not give it proper shape. This is the latest style for women, in which you can arrange your bouncy long hair elongate with highlights. Your changing tresses overwhelm others. This new hairstyle has become famous for its trademark in which you can sweep your side fringe and your short cut hair. The school girls first were influenced by this adorable Frankie style. They first tasted this hairstyle with sweet gappy bangs and ponytail. Throughout the childhood you have experimented with your hair with different styles like choppy layers, crimping, side fringe or curly or even with butterfly clips but every time you were not satisfied. Now you have got the right style for your hair.

Reason to have Frankie Hairstyle

Now every girl wants to wear this fashion as this is the latest haircuts. To get this style your hair must have the natural dark hair. Suppose you want to make it from dark to light, then have to lift your base with a high lift tint by using honey blonde in which your hair will highlight through the back to give a natural look. You have to do color blend from the sides. Frankie Sandford  Hairstyle is a bob cut of an asymmetric graduated bob in one side and in other side a graduated bob. This hairstyle suits in most hair types.