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Funky Teen boy haircuts

These days even for teenage guys, grooming has become really important and they love to have simple hairstyle which is manageable plus a head turner. Even guys these days like attention as much as girls and so they also prefer a more complicated hair cut at times than just a mainstream side parting.

Mohawk and Fauxhawk

Mohawk is one type of haircut that teen guys can easily handle it with a lot of many outfits or appearances. It involves both side hair shaved off and the middle section being built up. Also not to forget that you can style it up with your hair styling products like gel or sprays to put on either more casual or more formal attire. This is one of the greatly versatile haircuts.

Fauxhawk is that kind of a haircut which is widely popular and appreciated but also that this hairstyle can also be funky or formal, both at the very same time. Fauxhawk is a Mohawk itself except that it does not involving both side sections of your head shaved off. Fauxhawk and Mohawk are generally confused into one another, but they are very much different. Even though both of them are not easy to pull off, they are the trends currently according to the huge fashion centers.

Are you buzzed?

The buzz cut is a kind of a haircut which is specifically for the procrastinators and the lazy bunch. Those guys who too lazy or feel dizzy while choosing a hairstyle, the buzz cut style is to your rescue! It shaves off your hair to just tiny hair poking out like freshly done grass. It will make your look come off as very handsome and also keep it simple at the same time. Those who do not want too much maintenance because lack of time or energy, the buzz cut hair style is ideal for you. It is also known as military cut to be precise as it is militants’ hair code but as of now, it is widely popular and a lot in use globally.

Wild curls

 For curly hair this hair style is your exit and solution. If you are tired of trying to get your curls in control or taming them, stop it now because wild curls will help you not just manage them but also to flaunt them off and be a head turner kinds already. To get this hair style, get your back hair and sides trimmed to the minimal. Keep your hair dry and start brushing your top most section backwards. Generally people with curls already have a lot of volume but if you do not and want some volume, then brush them aback for a more fluffy look.