George Clooney Short Straight Formal Hairstyle - Brunette Hair Color
George Clooney Hairstyle Short Straight Formal Medium Brunette

George Clooney Haircut-iconic but simple and affordable

While taking decision of haircut, your barber definitely ask you what style you want to have as your preference. If you are asking for some special cut, your hair dresser may propose you of George Clooney Haircut.  It is natural and simple haircut. This iconic hairstyle has become famous and people are looking for this style. People have become more conscious about style and it is dream of many to look like of any film icon. That can be possible only when you wear George Clooney haircut. People praise this Caesar cut hairstyle which has linked with ancient Rome.

Suitable hair for Clooney hairstyle

For this George Clooney Haircut you must have short, straight, but wavy hair. It requires your scalp to be trimmed to the length of 0.5-1 inches from the side and back as your top hair, your hair from all around will have the same length. Your hairdresser will start to cut it from the top and will finish up to your forehead.  A wide tooth comb is used to give shape and style in it and by using your fingers you can get short fringes. George Clooney haircut has become very popular particularly American men like this haircut tremendously. People know George as a famous actor and filmmaker. His fan followers try to imitate his haircut which has become as an icon style of 2016. His graying hair has a natural style which has made him distinguished from others.  People always refer his style as an extraordinary style. The style is professional but at the same time trendy.