25 Long Haircuts That Add Volume and Texture to Thin Hair Types
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Get bouncy and voluminous hair with these haircuts for thin hair

Thin hair often looks flat, limp and less voluminous. But by opting right haircut, it can look thicker. However, it can be a little bit hard to find the right one, but using some styling tricks and consultation with hairstylist you grab the specific haircut easily.

If you want to turn your thin hair into thick, then be ready to pick the any haircut for thin hairs:

Layers with twisted hairband:

This is the best way to get rid of the problem of limp hairs. On simple layers braided, twisted style can play a magic. Braids decorated like a headband serve the eye catchy style.

Curl magic:

Curls profound your tresses and gives a heavy and thicker look. Layers with thick curls provide it a bounce. A nice side part keeps the look fresh and modern.

A short Bob:

This bob totally works with the deep side part and some unbalanced layers. Side bangs help summing a little shape without carrying too much weight.

Long silk with highlights:

This gorgeous black texture comes with coffee highlights. It looks perfect on shoulder length hairs. Create sweet side bangs to add some drama.

Back pony with front braids:

This hairdo highlights your top tresses by adding some volume. Make a braid of one side hairs,and tuck it back in a ponytail. Set your pony in the middle for a puffy crown.

Chopy messy Bob:

This is one of the best haircuts of thin hair. Take a simple bob and chop it out in messy look. Short choped layers help you to achieve volume. This is quite chic look to hit a red carpet.

Short pixie:

Pixie cut work properly on girls with long and oval faces. This is an incredible trick to show off your hair; once you get pixie style no one will be able to tell if it is thick or thin.

Braids around a low bun:

This super sharp look does not require extraordinary density. Roughly create a low bun and wrap a braid around it. Here are you ready to execute your style.

Half way long:

Long thin hair, loose locks can still appear chunky. Pull off your all hairs, give your scalp a puffy look and tuck the tresses back with the help of bobby pins, and leave them to fly. You can also generate a ponytail instead of this.

A simple side part:

This haircut for thin hairs creates the illusion of thickness. Produce sweeping side part ends with a soft and luxurious touch. From front to back it carries equal length. This hairstyle keeps the layers around the face that gives it a thicker look. This appears more dramatic with some hues.