The Best Down Jackets At Every Price Point
Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Half Coat · The Arrivals Aer Jacket · Canada Goose Wyndham Parka Graphic: Shep McAllister

Get your game up with Down Coats

Bored of the same old worn-out coats that you have to wear every year in winter. Throw that away and upgrade your closet with the amazingly light and furry down coats, for both men and women. Its light and puffy, the woollen fabric inside keeps you really warm in the season of winter. Below are few ways to wear down coats.

  1. Casual Day

Having plans in the afternoon and yet there is a windy  weather outside, wear your down coats with a long sleeves insides, tight pants and a pair of boots. And for men a t-shirt, down jacket, a pair of jeans and boots also. And a pair of sunglasses for both, looking elegant.

  1. Night Walks

Want to take a small stroll outside at night in the chilly winter night after your dinner? Wear a t-shirt, comfy down coats, sweat pants, cover  your hands with a pair of mittens and slippers. For both men and women.

  1. Flight

Have a flight to catch and you don’t want to stuff yourself with all the full sleeves and jacket after and also you want to be comfortable? You could wear a spaghetti  top, black leggings, down jacket and a pair of vans. And for men; plain tee, sweatpants, down jacket and a pair of slippers.

If you have to attend a night party and its really chilly outside then you could always upgrade your style by putting on a down coat with the dress or the party outfit.