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Gracefully and smoothly done prom hairstyles

Prom is apparently considered to be one of the most memorable days in a girl’s life in a high school. When you have everything ready – dress, shoes, date, make up, accessories, what is left and the most vital part of your prom look is your hairdo! To find easy hairdos with simplest methods, you have come across the ideal place. These below mentioned hairstyles, will not compromise on your style and beautifully carried elegance.

Side pony sleekly done

Ponies are the best way to highlight or complement your colorful or curly side bangs. One good feature about this style is that it ensures that your hair is kept away from your face so while dancing or mingling around the whole night of fellowship does not lead to a frizzy hair later on. To do this hairstyle in a more perfect manner or closer to perfection, always start with dry hair. Do a side parting with whichever side is preferred for you and leave out the side bangs, let them flow. Use a hair tie to hold your hair in one side and preferably use the hair tie of your hair color or the one flashing out matching your dress. Use a protection spray before curling your ponytail and then when you are done with curling, use a finishing spray to set your hair like that.

Modernized Mohawk

These days Mohawk is coming back to style from the vintage era. Fashion lists or blogs, Mohawk style is everywhere capturing the eyes of fashion divas in order promote it even more. Straight with dry straight hair with back combing the Mohawk segregated section. Once you decided the desired height for your Mohawk, start smoothening sections from the either side and set it back with bobby pins. Lay over the Mohawk top section over the bobby pins and keep it on with a strong finishing spray which will hold it tight.

Soft Bun

A soft bun is making its way through all of our eyes and it is now widely popular amongst teenage girls. As it is a very quick and simple way to get to your sophisticated look, it is widely appreciated. Take all of your hair after you do a lot of back combing making sure that there are no limps or tangles left, and secure it with a high ponytail. Now divide your ponytail into two major sections – top and bottom. Pin the top section to your head so it does not fall along the way and tuck the ends of your bottom section to the hair tie making a bun shape. Now take the top section and tuck it over the bun you just created, creating a bigger bun. Use your finishing sprays to keep it set.