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Jennifer Garner's bangs are cut a little thicker on the sides, so they split in the middle a trick that prevents the bangs from looking too heavy or

Haircut With Bangs Give You A Trim And Slim Look

The fringe cut hairstyle is also called bangs. In this style you will have a shaped cutting at the facade of your hair. That is why your lies on your forehead. Bangs cut hairstyle is a straight haircut over the eyebrows with rag, or ruffle. You can point up your hair with gel, wax or mousse; can leave your hair on one side or the other. Another choice you can opt that is you can cut your longer so that it just falls over your eyes. Haircut with bangs gives the women many choices to get their haircut in this style. In this style your hair is combed in a straight down to the side swept with bit wispy and blunt, you can call it full bangs.

Best hairstyle in bangs

Long and side swept – These are sleek type bangs which are flattering for almost every face shape. This type of haircut gives a sexy look and mysterious look. You can ask your hair dresser to cut your hair long bangs at an angle so that your hair blends in with rest of your hair.

Long and thick – On long and blunt bangs are normally cuts in straight. This cut suits for those who have thick long hair. This fringe type haircut gives a thinner look to the oval shaped face. If you have cowlicks at the top of your hair you should not go for this hair cut.