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A man with a Flat Top military haircut

High and tight haircut- a guide for awesomeness

When high and tight haircut comes to mind one word hits in and that is the military haircut for men. From early days as women had a craze for hair men is not lagging behind, men too were and will be specific about his hairstyle. Though men prefer to have shorter styles but many are there who loves to grow their tresses. But shorter haircut rules the arena

Military haircuts has one thing in common they are shorter in length though sideways one can opt for various cuts. Hair and tight haircut gives simple yet classy look. There are many in this category. To name a few a bald cut, burr cut, the arch cut, crew cut etc. High and tight haircut with elongated bunch on top which is spiked with gel or hair serum and shortest on sideways looks really cool and funky. Many men including celebrity are seen opting for this haircut. This type of haircut is easy to maintain and once you get a shape form a professional stylist you can try out your trimmer over your head and give some new styles to your haircut. Short haircuts are easier to keep clean as you don’t have to comb or think of washing often.

Every individual has the right to look good and dress up well. So men bring out your new styles teaming up with sexy beard definitely you would start facing lots of stares in your city. So start playing with your hair man.