How to fine tune your look with Military jacket

  The wardrobe of the nation’s army, especially their jacket, has become the new trend of fashion among the youths. The variety of brand and design of military jacket have made it one of the most recommended outfits to fine tune your casual appearance. It’s a versatile way of wearing made it more popular among jacket lovers.

Choosing the right one:

 The crucial part is to choose the right one for your body, otherwise you will end up by looking overwhelmed. A wrong choice will make you look bulky and become a disaster for your fashion. The things to keep in mind while buying ids, color, shape, design, and room below the underarm and comfort level as it will carry your image and lifestyle.

 “Military jacket is only meant to stay in the wardrobe of men”, is the myth which the crowd is following. This jacket carries all the ability to boost up the look of a woman.

How to wear military jacket for women:

 It can be worn with high heels, T-shirt along with trousers or cuffed pants. Turtleneck T-shirt, pencil skirt will shine more, if it gets leaded with a military jacket and heel. Funky jewelries will also add some glamour to the military jacket. It can be layered with a T-shirt or shirt for a perfect casual look. Wear it with matching accessories along with boots and dress. You can just keep it simple with cuffed jeans, sneakers and white plain T-shirt. You can add a colorful scarf with military jacket. Layer it with your one-piece and put on a hat. A perfect casual can be made with boyfriend jeans, sleeve folded military jacket over printed T, high neck boot and a funky neck less.