The Ivy League Hairstyle also known as u201cThe Harvard Clip Hairstyle

Ivy League Haircut: Simple, Short and Elegant

Many of us are unaware of the term “Ivy League Haircut”.Well,in simple terms,it is a kind of classy short style for your hair that yields a graceful, discreet look to the individual.Such a lind of haircut basically suits the Manfolk.This kind of haircut can be considered as the stylish version of the Crew cut,which in very popular among soldiers in the Army.

Now coming to the point what actually it is, The Ivy League Haircut is cut almost in the same way as a crew cut. However, unlike a crew cut, it leaves enough hair on the top of the head to be parted. It gives the face a defined appearance, making it best for men with strong cheekbones or a prominent jawline.

Such a kind of haircut comes with very low maintainence cost and well,it goes very well with any kind of attire.A lot of Actors,prominently in Hollywood now-a-days,sport such kind of haircut because it makes them look sleek,chiseled and smart at the same time.

Once you are done with your cut,you can either use a comb or simply run yor fingers across your hair to get the desired look.You can,however,use other methods such as holding your hair back and use some product to keep the hair in place.

Ideally,peoply who really want to get that suave,stylish and masculine look should definitely try it out and pretty sure,the end result will leave a lasting impression on your mind and your personality.