| Bloch Dance Women's Super Jazz Leather and Elastic Slip
Bloch Women's Super Jazz Shoe,Black,4


Generally, dancers wear the jazz shoes. These types of shoes are generally used in hip hop, rock n roll, acrobatic, acro dance and jazz style dance. These types of shoes are also used in various types of activities like aerobic.

Varieties of varieties of jazz shoes are available in the market.  These may be lace-up or slip-on, and low rise and high rise.  Following are the different types of uses of different types of jazz shoes available in the market.

Split sole Jazz shoes-Split sole shoes help in enhancing the flexibility level of dancers. By the use of these types of shoes, a dancer can flex his foot more easily.

Rubber Sole Jazz Shoes-Most of the jazz shoes consist of rubber soles. These types of shoes have thicker heels which help in absorbing the shock. These shoes help in cushioning and providing traction to the foot.

Suede Patch Jazz Shoes-In these types of shoes. a suede patch is attached near the ball of the food which facilitates a smooth and improved turning of the foot while dancing.

High Rise Jazz Shoes-High rise jazz shoes are consists of high heels. Lots of trainings are required for the dancers before using these shoes while dancing because it is very tough to create balance in these types of shoes but it creates an attractive look for the dancer.

Low Rise Jazz Shoes-Low rise jazz shoes have lower heels. These types of shoes make it easy to dance for the dancers.