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Jennifer Aniston's One Length Bob

Jennifer aniston haircut to look attractive

Jennifer Aniston is quite a popular name in the American Household.Made popular by the famed Television Series F.R.I.E.N.D.S,she has not only ruled the American television,but also from the various roles depicted by her,made a place in the hearts of her million fans across the globe.

However,with the passing of time and age,her hairstyle seemed to have undergone quite a transformation,which in turn has led to building her persona and image across the massess.

Following are the years and the hairstyles she had :

1990: Golden Brown

1992: Deep Sable

1994: Easy Waves

1995: Intricate Updo

1995: The Rachel

1999: Faux Dreads

1999: Sleek and Smooth

2001: Blunt Bob

2003: Ombre and Teased

2004: Dark Blonde with Bangs

2004: Beachy Waves

2006: Layered and Bright Blonde

2011: Highlighted Lob

2014: Light Brown and Layered

2015: Cool Blonde with Highlights

In order to have a Jeniffer Aniston Haircut,one must first realise and indentify whether the haircut she wants to undergo suits her personality.We should never go by the on screen looks and appearences.The haircut which may have looked splendid on Jennifer Aniston,may not look the same on you.

Also we should keep in mind that the hairdresser is properly aware of the type of haircut we want to undergo.If not,its our duty to properly enlighten him/her about it.Or else we may think that the hairdresser may be giving us that “Jennifer Aniston” look-a-like,but the end result comes out to be something else,for which we end up cursing the hairdresser and mind you,there is no looking back.