An asymmetric shoulder cut gives this stretch knit dress a fun touch
An asymmetric shoulder cut gives this stretch knit dress a fun touch that sets it apart. With long sleeves and relaxed bodice, you can wear this dress in


Knitted fabric is a textile, which is made from knitting. Knitting is a process of the stitch. It has multiple stitches at a time. It looks like interlock stitch. There are two different ways to knit. It can be knitted warp or weft with a straight thread. This fabric is more flexible, so it gives more comfort. Knitted dresses are well known for its fittings also. Generally, Knitted fabrics are ideal for socks and hat designs. It has much elasticity rather than woven fabric. This dress is very easy to wear.

The knitted fabric is often made of cotton and viscose. It can be containing elasticity quality or not. It is used for single jersey design or t-shirt style top. It has used for sportswear in 1980. It is called high fashion.  This dress pattern can be used for all ages. It has a high technique to weaving. Generally, it can be used for the winter season.

Here we are presenting some types of knitted dresses:

  • Cotton jersey knits– This is a type of knitted dress. It is a hundred percent cotton dress, which is often used for t-shirt type dresses. This dress can be wear with minimal stretch. It can be used for tops, dresses, and more.
  • Cotton spandex knits– this fabric is good for legging. This fabric is combined with a small percentage of spandex. It has stretch quality as well as recovery. Cotton spandex knit fabric allows for a more wide range.