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Know to wear your DKNY jeans just right. Trendy dkny jeans jacques naude .

Know to wear your DKNY jeans just right

Are jeans only worn on a casual day? Think again. The DKNY jeans lets you wear jeans not only on a casual day but also for a late night party or even for a professional rendezvous that you have to attend. Listing down a few occasions to wear your DKNY jeans and how to style it.

  1. Professional Occasions

If you have a professional meeting with a well-known business tycoon or if you have a presentation to present in front of several people and you want to dress up just right for it, go for a more elegant look with the DKNY jeans, a button up shirt with a blazer and pencil heel to go just right with the whole professional attire.

  1. Party

It’s your friends birthday party and you obviously don’t want to dress up more than them, go for a more casual-party look. The DKNY jeans will bring out the boldness in your personality and you can pair it with a black (or any colour you want) spaghetti with a pinkish nude shrug/jacket (or choose as per the colour of your spaghetti) a pair of heels and a statement necklace to complete the chic look.

  1. Winter

You still want to look stylish on cold days of winter? Style yourself with the DKNY jeans, off-shouldered sweatshirt, woolen stole, beanie, a pair of high boots and a sling bag and you have completed the winter look without much effort.

The DKNY slim fit jeans are very comfortable to wear, they go with any kind of outfit for any kind of occasions. They are absolutely stylish.