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New Style Designer Ladies Suit

Ladies Suits and its designs

When it comes to ladies suit we find almost all the females go crazy about this dress no matter whether they are from India or not.Mainly ladies suits are a Indian origin. It is a three piece dress comes with a lower pant and upper longer top and a scarf like thing called dupatta. These comes in various colours, fabrics, designs and in fact pattern too.

There are different types of ladies suits like one with patiala pant , parallel pant, shuridar is something which has a skinny fitted pant. So there are much more in the list. Accordingly the top also varies with different neck pattern and lengths. You can customize your own suit according to your choice.

There are so many boutiques or studios available who can customize and make according to your given designs. You can get cotton, silk, laced or any other suitable fabrics too. Some put different types of stones too which makes a very beautiful designs. You can get printed ones with plain dupattas or a complete solid suit with worked dupattas. The work also varies. You can get Rajasthani suits, Punjabi suits, Gujrati ones or silks from various parts of India.You can team up with some junk jewelry or some authentic jewelry too. One can wear high heels to flat ones or jutis also. Ladies suits are good to wear for work or daily wear or else for parties too , you can get a heavy designer ones. The ranges starts from 200 Rs to it can go to lakhs too according to design and texture.