Collection of feather cut hair styles for short, medium and long hair
Messy feather hairstyle for medium length hairs

Let your hair get a feather touch by Feathered hair

Feathered hair styles are a beautiful way to style your medium – length hair. This is mostly done by adding layered variations to your hair, giving you an essential chic look. Needless to say, medium length hair are the most popular and in fashion now – a – days, and if you follow trend, with the right feathered styling of your hair, you could boast of a miscible mixture of trendy and unique. There are a lot of hair styles and colours to choose from, in the category of feathered hair styles, and you can pick one or several of them that perfectly suit your hair texture, face cut and body type. Let us have a look at some of the best feathered hair styles.

To begin with, we have the flaming fringe, where you colour your hair mixed shades of orange and then cut your hair in the layers, beginning past chin and grazing your shoulders. The next one you can look up to – is the rounded edge, where you roll every fringe and bang in for a complete round look. Next on the list is the fancy flip. In this one, the layers are flipped, starting off from just beyond the cheek bones, and an asymmetrical side part will give you a further cooler look. Another cool feathery style you can go for – all curled up. This includes curling the tips of the bangs outside, also in layers, to give you a cute look.

There are a lot many others, waiting for you to get started with them.