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Long Wedding Hairstyles that are always in trend

For women, the Wedding Day is the most important day of their life. We picture and plan this day in our minds from early childhood.On your wedding day, you are the center of attention and all eyes are on you. Also the photos taken on this day are going to be an important reference point for the rest of your life. So it is very important to have the perfect look on your wedding day.  Although having the perfect wedding dress tops the priority list of this day, wedding hairstyles are close behind.

If you’re worried about which hairstyle to go in for on your wedding day, here is a list to help you decide. Below are some beautiful Long Wedding Hairstyles for you to choose from.

  • Caesar Braids

This is a beautiful and classy old fashioned hair do. It is perfect for a Bohemian themed wedding. For this hairstyle, part your hair into two sides and braid them separately. Then wrap it around your head and lock it using a pin. Make sure all the loose ends are folded away.

  • One Side Braided Bun

This is a perfect for thick long hair and it doesn’t require a lot of work either. Braid your hair from one side and on the other side do a few long curls. Then using a few bobby pins, bun up your hair toward the curled side. The overall look will be clean and elegant.

  • Hair Band Braid

Braid your hair across the back your head to make it look like a braided hairband. Leave your hair loose and flowy below the braids to complete the look. From the back this style will give your hair the effect of a running waterfall.

  • Tapering Braid

For this Beautiful hairstyle, braid your hair towards the lower end, making it look like as if it is tapering downwards, somewhat similar to a fishtail. Side parted bangs in the front will complement the fishtail braids in the back. Fluff up your hair a bit and let some loose ends hang out. This style will look spectacular in a beach setting.

  • Wavy Side Parting

This hairstyle is requires the minimum amount of work. Curl your hair into wavy locks and leave it loose and flowy. This hairdo is simple yet very classy. The more you accessorize, the better this style will look. Flower hairbands or jewelry bands will be a perfect fit for this hairstyle.

Try out these gorgeous hairstyles for your wedding day. None of them require a lot of effort for styling. You can also conveniently accessorize all of the above mentioned hairstyles with flowers and jewelry. These Long Wedding Hairstyles will help you make your special day even more special by giving you the perfect look.