35 Best Hairstyles With Bangs - Photos of Celebrity Haircuts With Bangs
haircut with bangs

Look beautiful with bang hairstyles

Bangs hairstyle is sounds different but this hairstyle is as famous as your famous and lovable personalities all over the world. Bang hairstyle is growing as fashion trend in hairstyles. Straight or side swept fringes over forehead and long layered hair is coming as iconic style in women.

Side style in bang hairstyle

 Though this hairstyle is getting famous but as usual professional add some of their touch in this new segment. New sensation in bang is side sweep with your bangs which gets elegancy as well.

Puffy bangs

With retro and new style combination new puffy bangs are well responsive in market now days. With roll on your hair and bangs as per customize creative is getting heavy demands these days.

Medium hairs bang style

Surely everyone is not fond of long hair neither a real short also. So people with shoulder length or medium hairstyle have a good news that its easily done in bang hairstyle. Modified curls or rolling hairs downwards bangs looks really beautiful.


Modern woman likes to flaunt styles she wearing bold way. This style has boldness within itself. Some splits in bangs in your forehead with thin straight trim little bit gets attention very easily. And yes, it goes casually as well.

Bangs with straight long hair

If you are owner of silky long straight hair, you bet you are perfect person for this style. With side sweep bangs on your wavy hairs along goes enormous on every occasion for more style you can curl your hairs at the end.