sara carbonero look chic with boots and mini black dress | Sara
sara carbonero look chic with boots and mini black dress

Look Chic with the Little Brown Dress

Every woman has a little black dress in her wardrobe. The reason being that black instantly makes a woman look slimmer and sleeker, and it suits all skin tones. You can wear black to the office, to formal occasions as well as a cocktail party.  However women nowadays are tired of wearing black dresses and are choosing brown dress as a stylish alternative. There is a shade of brown out there for every woman that would surely look great on her.

Shades of Brown

Brown comes in various shades- light brown, coffee brown, mahogany, chocolate brown, russet, auburn, chestnut and so on. These shades can be divided into two main categories- cool browns and warm browns. Cool browns have blue or green undertones whereas warm browns have red or yellow undertones.

Jewelry that goes with Brown

Cool browns should be worn with silver or white gold jewelry. You can also wear them with blue topaz, aquamarine or jade jewelry. Warm browns can be worn with yellow gold or rose gold jewelry or with peridot, garnet and citrine gemstone jewelry.

Accessories that go with Brown

While wearing brown dress one should wear shoes, belt and handbag that go with it. If you are wearing dark brown, pair it with tan or light brown shoes or belt. Similarly if you are wearing light brown, choose dark or chocolate brown accessories. If you wear your dress with accessories of the same color you can end up looking drab. Other colors which go beautifully with brown are burgundy, black and cream.