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Transitioning from a short hair look to a long haircut? Grow out your cut naturally with our tips and tricks, and go through the best easy hairstyles for

Look gorgeous with different types of haircuts

Now days’ trying out different types of haircuts has become a craze and a fashion sigma. Girls are going gaga by dressing up themselves in versatile hairstyles. No wonder any hairstyle will bring out your real face of beauty, if you elect the one according to your hair texture, length, cutting and facial shape

There are countless hairstyles that you can wear. Innovation is a part of the fashion world, in this creative world hairstyles top the list. You can get many styling of hairs. Check out these different types of haircuts:


This recalls the memories of the 90s. Bouffant describes your dense hairs and gives extra fullness on the top. Women growing older should adopt this hairstyle. This bouffant styling of hairs makes you look younger and stylish. This particularly suits on short tresses.

Bowl cut:

This different type of haircut is very much famous in a school going boys.  Place a bowl on the head and run sessions accordingly, chop out the extra tresses and give a fine bowl shape.


Braids once become outdated, but now back to the fashion world. From red carpet to a casual meeting these braids are making their place everywhere. This type, especially suits on long tresses. Separate your tresses into three- strands, and then plait together. You can create as many braids as you desire.


When you think combine comfort and style together bun is the best one to pick. Girls especially carry out Bun in summer season to a fresh and neat look. You just need to pull off your all tresses and tuck them with bobby pins, for extra style and drama you can roll some braids around the bun. Bun comes in many forms like small bun, low bun, top bun, side bun, etc. you should opt, that exactly goes with your length of tresses.


This is the perfect solution of the day to day wearing. The best part of the ponytail is that you can carry this with any outfit and for any occasion. Smooth, sleek ponytail looks gorgeous at every age woman. Irrespective ofthe texture of your hair, ponytail always brings out the real grace in you. Simply pull off all your tresses back and make a ponytail with the use of some rubber band. To add some extra spice you can use hair accessories.

Bob haircut:

This is one of the easiest hairdos of different type of haircuts. Short hairs look cool in bob. Bob cut is a short haircut for women. Earlier bob was typically cut straight around the head, but now there are many forms of bobs. Side parted bob, middle scalp bob, long bob, and bob with bangs, are usually seen on red carpet and on a day to day street.