25 Easy Wedding Hairstyles You Can DIY | BridalGuide
The Plaited Updo

Make wedding special with special wedding hair

Wedding! a day that no one want to forget for rest of life. Every single thing every single detail has to be on the  peak  is the only desire of everyone who witness it. Now in this  fashion-freak world people like to flaunt their head  to toe fashion, it of course includes and as important as wedding gown is a wedding hairstyle.

Not ending list is there for a hairdo. Sensational to sober and exquisite angel towards casual one as per theme of wedding.


most of the girls prefer there hairs tied in such way that  looks phenomenon. Braid style is amazing option for that. Rolled hair mingled with each other in shape with variety  of broach suitable to dressing gets a gorgeous look.


This bun  shape style is all the way running from retro era till modern occasions. Beehive style has its own follower or like die hard fans.  Long hairs tucked in bun shape with side sweep or middle parted with steepness in demand for sure.


wavy hairs are always look incredible, bouncy, puffy hair goes on any faces and help to make it more beautiful. Women who like waving hairs but having short hair problem can easily get extension hairs or wig for the very special day called wedding.

Its never easy to choose final style set on wedding day, more than anything your hair can be top of the problem list. It is better to know which style suits you the best n makes you look best.