72 Best Micro Braids Hairstyles with Images | Micro Braids
72 Best Micro Braids Hairstyles with Images | Micro Braids | Pinterest | Braids, Micro braids and Braided hairstyles

Micro Braids Hairstyle-best hairstyle for women

In general there are so many styles for women hairstyle, but micro braids hairstyles are the most suitable for the women which looks straight, loose hair. It takes a long time to finish the hairstyle and the professional hairdresser can do the job well. So it would be better to go to the professional to ensure that what you want you can get it. To get this micro braids you have to wash your hair with pH balanced shampoo and leave it to condition for an hour and repeat it many times before getting the braids.

The required steps needed for this style

 You have to put ten times weight on your hair automatically your hair must be very strong so that it can bear the weight. You are needed to comb your hair when the natural hair is needed to straighten for getting zigzag parts so that you can decorate your hair with cornrow styles and cornrow designs. You must keep it in mind that you must not comb your natural black hair because in that way you may spoil your hair.  You have to use boiling water to give a finishing end to your hair. It needs consistent pouring but if you are tired then you can leave it for some time and then you do it again. In this hair style you can go for different designs like Box Braids Hairstyles.  You can get Micro Braids Hairstyles in long hair or in short hair also. This is the latest hairstyle in which you can get some creativity.