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Tecnica Moon Boot Review

Moon boot: A smile for winter

A new trend of fashion was introduced in the mid-70s by the Italian manufacturer,Tecnica group, as a boot which is warm, padded thickly and having an outer surface of plastic or fabric. The Manufacturer of Giavera del Montello, Italy introduced this as the name of Moon boots. The trademark of Moon boot is registered by the Italian manufacturer in the year of 1978 and till now it is the only trademark holder of moon boots. Basically the boot is manufactured with a cellular rubber mid sole and thin rubber out sole covered by best colorful nylon fabrics and also it uses polyurethane foams.  In the mid-80’s the craze for this boot hugely increased as they became a notable fashion trend ruler. The founder of this company is Giancarlo Zanatta got inspired from the sketch and design of astronaut boots to design moon boots.

Wearer view on moon boots:

The funky moon boots will definitely bring a smile in your face because of its adorable design with classic nylon.  The unisex stylish boot which was extremely popular in the mid 80’s, mostly, preferred by female in today’s generation. The light weight bulky looking soft boot, which has a polyester insulation is extremely adorable in winter for its warming properties. It can be worn while sleeping also. They also keep a resemblance with the snowboarding boots.

Tecnica has the only official trademark of moon boots, but there are other manufacturers also available in the market who are providing moon boots. So while buying them, the buyer must need to get aware of perfect quality, size and height. It is always recommended to buy moon boots from Tecnica.