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Natural and stylish crochet hair styles

Got natural curls and a thick texture? Why not flaunt it; crochet hair styles, mainly for African – American people, is a major in these days, and even if it was not, natural curls are a timeless fashion. A natural free – flowing curly style will always give you a very indigenous African look. What is even better, there are so many innovative variations that exist today, to choose from and apply to your curls, and make your style shoot up a whole new level.

Crochet hair styles are very low maintenance, though it may take up a bit effort to set them up initially. There is a wide range of stuff you can do if you are blessed with natural curls. You can either keep your hair long or short – it does not make a difference to the fact that there are enough combinations of style and colour for both long and short lengths of hair. But, the best that you can do with a crochet hair type is, keep them to a medium length, that will give you practically limitless options for customizing it and making it to suit your face cut and body type.

Few of the many styles that you can try out are – a side hawk, a curly pony tail, a high puff ending in a long fishtail braid, you can also try a bohemian look by twisting a string on either side of centre parted hair, side finger wave style, or, of course, there’s always the classic natural on – the – go curls.