Stylish yet Casual Clothing

How To Incorporate Trends At Work - Dressing Stylish Yet

Dressing casually doesn’t mean that you can’t look stylish. According to European tradition, casual dress code insists on comfort and individuality. Casual Clothing can be better characterized as occasional, relaxed, unplanned and informal. Casual wear is usually made of materials like cotton, jersey, denim, fleece, flannel and polyester. It includes a wide variety of attire, therefore, can be better defined by ...

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Easy and DIY haircuts for children

My Easy DIY 5 Minute Layered Haircut - Practical Stewardship

  Haircuts for children have gotten expensive as managing them involves a lot of effort and is a big task itself. Their hair grows really quick and needs haircuts time to time. But if done in the right way you can do it yourself too with easily of which both of you will be happy enough. Grab your pair of ...

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The ever evolving braids hairstyle

the ever evolving braids hairstyle yasminfashions Latest Braid Hair

Black adorned hairstyles are highly regarded with singers, hip hop artists, sportsmen and film stars. Braids hairstyle is that the latest trend and in-thing. The young generation likes this vogue as a result of it’s cool and fashionable. Braided hair designs are adorned by anyone. Men and women are usually seen showing off braids at the hip and happening places. ...

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Ball dress suitable for special occasions

Top Tips For Choosing The Right Evening Dress - Jumia Blog Kenya

Ball dress is one of the outfits that one can wear on some special occasions. Usually, the ball dress reaches till ankle or touch the floor. In many cases the ball dress fit snugly against torso and come with low neckline as well as blooms out in a full skirt. While such type of outfit can be worn at some ...

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Sequin Shorts Go Well On Each Occasion

Sequin Shorts Go Well On Each Occasion - Yasmin Fashions

More typically than not, once people see someone carrying  sequin shorts, people look at this costume. Certainly, teenagers wear “costumes” most of the time, albeit they need to adapt to a codification at their faculties. They offer abundant thought to what impact their attire can wear their fellow classmates. Sequin shorts primarily became in style through an entertainer who was ...

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Both dapper and messy medium haircuts for men

Medium Haircuts For Men Fresh Both Dapper And Messy Medium Haircuts

Men’s haircuts for medium length hair is one of the popularly chosen ones. It not only gives you an ultra sexy look but also that it very versatile. It can be manipulated and shaped into your style according to the occasion or even casually.There is a big misconception that says to maintain even medium length haircuts, there comes a big ...

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Acid wash jeans are back in fashion

jeans, acid wash jeans, acid washed skinny jeans, sweater, black

Acid wash jeans is also known as a stone wash jeans and it was commonly used in eighties fashion, yet lived shortly. It is also known as the frosted, marble or ice washes a form of bleaching jeans chemically. The action will break the jeans fiber and forced the dye to fade as well as bleach. Stones having pores were ...

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Backless Strapless Bra For A Comfort Look

Squeeze Bras 2018 Upgraded Version Strapless Backless Sticky

Women appear to continue carrying bras, despite the annoyance of inconvenient straps and extensions, objectionable bandeau lines, and, therefore, the discomfort. It’s very troublesome to hate associate item that’s vital and one thing that people  have a tendency to use in apparel nearly daily. Luckily, bright makers discovered some way to form strapless backless bras. As comfy as attainable thus ...

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