What to Wear to a Winter 2019 Wedding: 65 Guest Dresses
Winter wedding dresses

Perfect Guide to Dresses for Wedding Guests

Weddings are always high on energy. From the breathtaking decorations to the mouthwatering food, every aspect of the wedding is tailored to provide a spectacle of celebration for the guests. Wedding dresses are one of the most interesting aspect of the wedding, reflecting an atmosphere of festivity. The exceptional clothing worn by the bride and bridegroom, and modern themes for décor, inspire the wedding guests to wear stylish and vibrant dresses too.

Weddings are an opportunity to fancy up and look your best. However, choosing what to wear at a family wedding or a friend’s wedding can be a tricky choice. Some of the most appropriate dresses for wedding guests would be a classy cocktail gown or a saree for women, and a dark suit with a conservative shirt or Kurta/shervani for men. To stand out from the crowd, guests often experiment with the dress materials like satin, net, tissue, lace, chiffon, georgette, crepe; and embellishments like crystals, sequins, beads and stone patterns.

While there is no set dress-code at weddings, there are certain do’s and don’t. One should opt for pretty and romantic looks. It is always desirable to avoid extreme colors like white or black. The perfect choice is to go with radiant colors like green, pink, yellow and blue. It is also best to avoid anything that is overly fashion-forward, awfully uncomfortable or waiting to be a wardrobe malfunction.

Keeping in mind these easy tricks for dresses for wedding guests, go all out and wear clothes that reflect the ecstatic affair that a wedding is.