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100 Trendy Long Hairstyles for Women: Voluminous Side Braid

Pretty hairstyles for lovely women’s

In compared to men, women are quite particular for their looks. Every women like perfect thing which will suit their physique and during any occasion their dresses, jewels, make up make them look prettier, while the external elements are used to decorate the female beauty but her natural beauty such as hair, physical and facial features make difference in their entire appearance. These are the big factors while considering various hairstyles for beautiful faces.

Some of the hairstyles that one must go for their look are as follows-

  • Up do and bang- in this hairstyle the hairs are highly tied in a form of ponytail and then rolled to form a nice bun and rest of the hairs are braided at end and the braid is rotated all around the bun.
  • Twice passed chignon- this is a cute and easy hairstyle which can be completed in few minutes, it can be seemed like an elongated bun and if needed then place an orchid or a ribbon in it.
  • Infinity low do- this hairstyle is suitable for every type of hairs. This hairstyle required few pins and it looks very gracious as well as confusing. People will not be able to know how the style is started and ended.
  • Super long ponytail- If one is wearing a gown then it is good to go with a high ponytail. But be sure you can do this hairstyle only if you have cascading and long hairs. This hairstyle makes your hairs thicker than it is and this is the reason why most of the women love to do this hairstyle.