18 Perfect Lob (Long Bob) Hairstyles 2019 - Easy Long Bob Hairstyles
Welcome to today's up date on the best long bob hairstyles for round face shapes u2013 as well as long, heart, square and oval faces, too!

Pull off elegance even in medium length haircuts

Medium length haircuts are easy to manage unlike long length hair and extremely versatile. It can change your look according to your outfits in some strokes of brushes itself, from casual to party hairdo. For examples, there are layers and shoulder length hair which are most popularly found with bob hairstyles and curled ends. For the people who cannot decide on a long hair cut or a complete short haircut, medium length haircut is the ideal option. Medium length haircuts are also more about versatility. They are short enough to be manageable and long enough for those hairstyles which need a minimum length. These haircuts do not restrict you in general terms. Look at these selected and easy to handle haircuts given mentioned below.

Vintage style

Make a deeply done side parting and wrap bulky sections of hair onto a curling iron all of them in the same direction. Now as you can see, all sections of your hair are curled enough, start brushing through and into these curls with a hair brush. Also, have some thermal protection spray done on your hair before using a curling iron and to keep the style in a set, use a finishing spray.

Curls in mid length hair

If you want to pull off your natural curls in a medium length haircut, this haircut is an ideal deal for you. Try to wet your hair with a styling spray or a product at first. Scrunch your hair to strengthen the curls would also be needed. Now dry your hair completely. Apply some styling spray, basically a high shining product, once more into your hold so that the style stays set and your elegance is not compromised.

Wavy even layers

Getting an even length haircut is good as long as split ends and uneven growth does not start. But until then, it is very comfortable as it is the most versatile haircut. Your hair strands will not fall out from a ponytail and also if a bun is made, they will stay set together than creating a messy hairdo. Always use some thermal protection spray by applying it on your hair to dry it and also to protect it from ending up into frizzy strands of hair. The sections which are away from your face, start curling them into long and loose curls. Once the curling iron is done with, loosen the curls even more with your fingers. Now set this classy style using a finishing styling product or a spray.

Never stick to just one hairstyle because it restricts your hair growth and natural functioning. To keep your hair always versatile enough, mix and match various medium length haircuts according to your likes and dislikes.