60 Cool Short Hairstyles & New Short Hair Trends! Women Haircuts 2017
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Short Hair cuts: Latest trend

Why not rebuild your entire personality this year? Why not do something very simple yet very effective, to it will transform your entire look and also transform the way you feel. This might sound a bit risky to you, but why not do something out of the ordinary and go in for a stylish short haircut. You might have seen celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon, Anne Hathway, Emma Watson, Rihanna, Taylor Swift and even Halle Berry rock different versions of short hairstyle. Short hairstyles are the latest trend in 2015. Here is some elegant choice for Short Haircuts for you to choose from.

The Flat Layered Snip:

This is a very sleek and classy hairstyle. It will give you a flirtatious and confident look. This is an excellent choice for working professionals and business women. This haircut is also very easy to maintain and style. Longer locks give the round shape of the hairstyle.

Chic Bob Cut:

This look will give you a very chic and professional look. This style will transform your look, giving you a very confident look and feel. The perfect length is to stop at the level of your chin, but even if you take the length up to your shoulders, you will still be able to pull off the desired look.

Asymmetrical Messy Mohawk:

This haircut might look like it is a lot to handle, but in reality is very easy to style and maintain. Lately seen sported by award winning singer Pink, this hairstyle is both offbeat and classy at the same time.

The Classic French:

You may remember this hairstyle from many of the classical French movies. That’s because this hairstyle was used widely in the early 1900s in France. Today it has regained its popularity in the west. This style will brighten up your look and give you a fresh feel. This hairstyle is best suited if you have a heart shaped face.

The Rocker:

This is an excellent variation of the Layered Snip. Shorter layers and pointier edges will give you a rocker image, full of confidence. If you have an oval face, this look will serve as a stunning finish. This is very ‘2015’.

Which of these trending Short Haircuts, do you think, will suit you best?  Make your decision based on, not only how it will look on you, but also the kind of look you wish to pull off. All of theseabove mentioned haircuts are very easy to style and maintain. So you can even save up a lot of time by reducingonthe number of trips to the salon. Go in for a fresh look this year and boost up your confidence by sporting a short haircut.