45 Hairstyles for Round Faces to Make it Look Slimmer | Rounding
45 Hairstyles for Round Faces to Make it Look Slimmer

Short hairstyles for round faces to get the slim look on face

Round faces are different from fat or chubby faces and they have unique facial features to differentiate them easily in a crowd. You should not get confused with a round face and a chubby face because in round face length and width of the face is same whereas in chubby styled face the cheeks have some extra fat. So you should be careful while selecting a hairstyle if you have a round faces to not look chubby or fat.

Your ultimate aim should be to get a hairstyle which will make your face look slim which can be done by adding layers of hair on your face. Select a haircut in which your front hair reaches at the chin and gives you an elegant and stylish look. Some of the famous celebrities with round face are Cameron Diaz, Catherine Zeta Jones, etc.You you can check the short hairstyles for round faces to get an idea about the latest styles and which are suitable for you.

Breaking the volume of the face should be your objective while selecting a new hairstyle, so consult with an expert you can guide you the best out of the available options. Remember your hair texture too, while selecting a particular style. If you love short hair you can choose the pixie cut which are easy to maintain and gives you a sexy look.

Shaggy look can give you sexy look and is best suitable for round faces with natural wavy hair type.So select the hairstyle wisely to get desired look.