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5 Super Chic Hairstyles For Fine Straight Hair Mine's no where near fine, but I love this

short layered haircut for a comfortable hairstyle to manage

Short hairstyles are loved by both man and woman .One of such famous short hair style for woman is short layered haircuts.Some people think that to get a perfect layer look you need to have long hair but instead short hair can also be layered easily. The length layer is short in short hairstyle which gives an appearance of long hair even when you have short ones.

Layered hairstyles are available in different types and you need to select the one, which compliments your hair texture the most.You should not select a style which will make your hair too thin or thick rather should be on flexible middle ground.Remember to consult with the stylist so that the expert can guide you the best one according to your facial features and hair type.

One of the most popular short layered haircuts is bob which is cut at an even length of layers and can be added to give variety to the hairstyle. The deciding factor for the layer length is how much length you want for your whole hair.

The second type of popular short layers hairstyle is razor cut which gives you a choppy look by adding layers of variable length.It adds texture and volume to the whole style.A razor is used to get the desired style and shape at the end.If you have fine hair you should avoid this hairstyle or consult your hairstylist first about it.Pixie cut is also another type of short layered hairstyle where you can have short to long layers .