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Simple, Wavy Long Bob Hairstyle with Flowers

Short Wedding Hairstyles For Brides

The wedding bells are around the corner and you may think how to hairstyle your short hair strands. It is not mandatory to grow your hair for wedding, just to have a classy hairstyle with the long hair strands. Hair extensions is also a great option if you are willing to have hairstyle with long hair on you special day. However, even a hairstyle with short hair length looks beautiful.

If you have short hair then play with the volume of your hair. Add some highlights and color to your hair to accentuate your curls. Short hair with layered curls on the crown is trendy. It looks feminine and is in vogue. Bold make up with this hairstyle suits well. The bob hairstyle with side fringes and an exclusive color tone with suits your hair texture looks great. A simple side braid can be added to this bob hairstyle which gives the wedding elegance to the hairstyle. For short hairstyle, keeping light curls around your face amps up the look. You can side part your hairstyle with little twisted strands tucked properly with bobby pins add elegance in the wedding hairstyle.

The hairstyle for wedding can be embellished with hair accessories. Floral headbands and tiaras accentuate the look. Freshly plucked flowers tucked sideways with braids and loose curls are adorable and romantic. You can use studded pins for accentuating the hairstyle. The hair accessories amp up the wow factor of your hairstyle and suits the occasion as well.